This year it is 10 years since I met Wendy for the first time in

Northen Norway and that was the first greeting from Harold. Earlier I had no ide of the ancesters in USA until our friendship started in the summer 1999.

Seven years had to pass before I had the opportunity to meet Harold face to face.

When we arrived Minn. in July 2006 it was extremely hot. I remember Harold as a particularly good driver and he always had fresh 6-packs of cold water in the air conditioned car. He was extremely patient when he waited for us who were visiting the many cemeteries, and altso while we were visiting family and making new friends and discovering new places in WI and MN.

He never lost patience.

It was so good to observe how the relationship to Wendy always was as ”an hand in glove”. That made us guests feel very welcome to USA and their home each time we were there. I’m specially glad he came to be the best friend to my son Johan Kristian. He often expressed how glad he was to have us in the USA and that was sincere

His hospitality was genuine.

I will always remember Harold with love and he is sorely missed by all of us in Norway whose lives he tuched

Greetings from Solveig

Greetings altso from Odd Georg and Solveig Dreyer.