The years 1863, 1879, 1903, 1911 and 1914.

Eilert Carlsen b. 12. Dec. 1812 in Tranøy, Troms married to

Rønnog Olsdatter b. 5. Nov. 1815 in Sel, Oppland.

Daughter of Anne Paulsdtr and Ola Pedersen.

They marrid 23. Sept. 1840 in Målselv. She died giving birth 21. May 1861 in Djupvik, Troms.

Buried at Lyngseidet church (cemetery). Memorial bench at Ellertson/Mortenson Cemetery, Minnesota.

Rønnog Olsdatters memorial bench in Minnesota


Karin Marie Eilertsdatter b. 17. Nov. 1841 d. 27. Febr. 1932 in Minnesota

Lars Olai Eilertson b. 14. Dec. 1843 d. 12. July 1912 Minnesota

Carl Charles Eilertson b. 11. Aug. 1846 d. 14. May 1929 in Minnesota

Edvard Eilertson b. 4. June 1849 d. 10. Aug 1933 in Minnesota

Regina Maria Eildertsdatter b. 27. Sep 1850 d. 2. Aug. 1934 in Minnesota

Dorthea Eilertsdatter b. 25. Aug 1853 d. 6. Aug 1933 in Minnesota

Martha Eilertson b. about 1860 in Djupvik d. about 1916 in Stockholm

Eilert Carlsen emigrated with 7 children in 1863 (look at Ellertson/Mortenson Cemetery)

Children of Paul Olsen and Thorine Hansdatter, Djupvik

Ole Andreas Paulsen b. 6. Feb 1848 in Målselv d. 25. Oct 1934 in Grantsburg Wisconsin,

Married 26. Sep. 1873 in Lyngen w. Kathrine Johannesdtr. Koht, Sverige b. 28. July 1847

d. 22. March 1930 in Grantsburg, Burnett Co, Wisconsin


Hilda Kristine Olesdatter b. 17. Sep 1874 in Djupvik d. Nov. 1943 in Grantsburg Wisconsin

Peder Oluf Paulson b. 2. Aug 1876 in Djupvik d. 14. Apr 1854 in Grantsburg, Wisconsin

Johannes Paulson b. 20. July 1878 in Djupvik d. 1941 in Burnett County, Wisconsin

Edwin Christ Paulson b. 26. Dec 1878 in Djupvik d. 25. March 1964 in LaCross, Wisconsin

The Family of Ole Paulsen emigrated in 1879 (look at: The genealogical table of Paulsen)

together with 5 of Ole’s sisters:

Ingeborg Helene Paulsdatter b. 24. Feb 1851 in Djupvik d. 1931

Martha Maria Paulsdatter b. 13. Apr 1853 in Djupvik d. 1920

Anne Maria Paulsdatter b. 3. Jan 1860 in Djupvik d. 18. Apr 1902 in Burnett County Wisc.

Maria Magdalena Paulsdtr. b. 10. Aug. 1862 in Djupvik d. 2. Sep 1886 in Gratnsburg, Wisc.

Johanna Gustava Paulsdatr. b. 9. March 1867 in Djupvik d. in Thorsby, Alabama

Olaf Mandrup Paulsen b. 6. Jan 1879, grandson of Paul Olsen, emigrated 1903. Died in USA.

Oluf Martinius Pedersen b. 1851, his sons were: (look at: The genealogical table of Pedersen)

Andor Vilhelm Olufsen b. 7. Apr 1878

Theodor Hagerup Olufsen b. 3. Apr 1880

Children of Petter Benjamin Pedersen b. 10. Oct 1856:

Konrad Bertheus Ingeberg Pettersen b. 20. Feb 1888

Julia Petrine Pettersen b. 25. Dec 1889. She emigrated in 1914.
She tragically fell ill on board the ship, got pneumunia and died when she arrived in USA, 25 years old.

Hans Marius Pettersen b. 22. March 1899 d. 8. Dec 1998


Descendants of the Paulsen-branch:

Gretha b. Haarstad (Anna Regine b. Salamonsen – Amalie b. Paulsen – Paul Olsen)

Gretha Haarstad born 19. Oct 1953 in Trondheim, married to Ole Krøll (down here
we write Kroll) born 31. July 1949 in Horbelev, Fl, Danmark.
We arrived in Australia with boat from Southampton, and landed in Sydney
30. May 1977.
We married in Den Norske Sjømannskirka (The Norwegian Church of Sailors) in Sydney 10. Sep 1977. Sjømannskirka
closed down in 1978. We don't have any children.
We lived the first years in Sydney and then moved to Springwood in Blue Mountains
i 1980 and from there to Mudgee in 1988. Mudgee is a small place with about 8000
inhabitants and we have a house and about 27 acres with land about 13km outside the town. We
don't grow the land, i.e. when we first moved here, we tried with both calves,
sheeps, angora goats. But now we only have hens left. We work in Mudgee.
Ole has his own picture framing shop, and I work 4 days a week at an office
in the kindergarten and also work as masseuse (massage

Solveig Dreyer b. Sorknes 1951 in Fredrikstad.

(Aud Sorknes b. Paulsen – Aksel Kristian Paulsen – Olaf M. Paulsen – Paul Olsen)

Married Steven Dreyer b. 1952 in Colombus, Georgia, USA.

Due to her husbands position in the US Air Force, they have lived in several countries. They have a house in Fredrikstad.

Their daughters Kristine b. 1978 and Kathrine b. 1982 live at the time in USA.

Kristine has a son Jakob b. 2002.

Carin Monica Bukoe b. Lange 1943 in Skjervøy.

(Margit Lange b. Paulsen – Aksel Paulsen – Olaf M. Paulsen – Paul Olsen).

Karin grew up in Skjervøy and Stockholm, Sweeden. She is married to Ulf Bukoe and they live in Framersback in Germany.

Their sons Peter and Kristian Martin live in Germany.

Kirsti Maranos b. Røkenes 1963 in Alta.

(Elsa Røkenes b. Gaare – Julie Gaare b. Paulsen - Marius Paulsen – Paul Olsen).

Married to Giorgos Maranos, Aten, Greece and live in Aten. Kirsti grew up in Nordreisa.

The children Elisabeth b. 1993 and Dimitris b. 1994 live in Aten.