Our Ancestors - Where do we come from in Norway Norsk versjon

The part of my ancestors I started to find out about came from Sel in Gudbrandsdalen. I those days Vågå and Sel was one communicipality. After a while I got results and discovered that our origin is at the small farm Tullut, owned by a more wealthy farmer at Solhjem farm. This is Bredebygden in Sel, and the three family branches I have investigated are the descendants of Peder, Paul and Rønnog Olsen, who are all christened and confirmed in the church of Sel.

Peder Olsen with wife and children moved to Nordland where they bought Brattfjorden in Nordfold. Paul Olsen went to Målselv together with his mother Anne Paulsdatter. There he found his Thorine Hansdatter, from Lom, and they were married there. Rønnog Olsdatter went to Målselv where she met Eilert Carlsen and they married. Paul with his mother Anne and Rønnog with family went further north and bought the farm Djupvik in Lyngen, now Kåfjord communicipality in Troms county.