Our ancestors - Close family Norsk versjon

  • Julie and Olav Korseberg Julie and Olav Korseberg, my parents
  • Korseberg farm 2003 Korseberg farm 2003

I was born and grew up at Korseberg farm in Torsnes, Fredrikstad communicipality in Østfold county. My parents were Julie Helene (b. Høyum in Onsøy) and Olav Korseberg, son of Ida b. Paulsen Djupvik and Thomas Korseberg.

I am the younger of two girls, and many years ago my sister and brother-in-law bought the farm and have kept it well since. New generations have to plan and go on with their lives.

When I chat with my sister about what we did in the good old days - my youngest daughter ask if that was before first or second world war! But for me, what happened before the war, is like before 1800. Perception of time differ from one person to another, and especially between young and old ones. Senior master Dahlbakk at "Fredrikstad Høyere Almenskole" (the college), was for me timeless when he taught me history and one way or the other got me to like it. I can still imagine him with large, thick, black-framed glasses. We got vivid history from "vollæne" (banks) in Gamlebyen (name of the old city in Fredrikstad).

The old peasant society was quite different from the society today, both in rural and urban places, particularly with all modern technical equipment after 1945. Times have changed a lot, and we need more than ever before our history. You never know, we may have to do old farming again.

My four children May Birgitte, Johan Kristian, Jørn Olav and Julie Kristine with surname Rud, give me only joy and pride. So do also my childrens' spouses and not to be forgotten my six dear and lovely grandchildren. I addition I have Linn who calls me grandmother with her Binh and Elias who calls me great grandmother.

The past is a mosaic that gives me different feelings. Roads and footpaths were created in the ancestral landscape, and traditions are maintained by the following generations if the guide posts are there. Perhaps not all traditions should be kept alive at any price, but sooner or later we cannot escape our history.