Genealogy - a way of life Norsk versjon

  • Solveig at Sørkjosen Solveig at Sørkjosen
  • Solveig bids the entire family a heartfelt welcome. Maybe it is time for another family reunion soon.

  • One evening, at Korseberg, my grandmother stood outside and looked up at the large, yellow moon shining above. I was just a little girl then and she said to me, " Imagine - the moon shines as brightly for my family in Djupvik - 10000 miles away - as it does for us here."

    That was the beginning of my desire to visit and get to know my family who lived so far away. She often said to me, " Just wait, when you get older I will bring you to Djupvik." That never happened. She was old and was sick for several years, and she died when I was twelve years old. After 1986 I made up for it, and I have made many trips since then.

    The foundation for my wish to find the family was made.